Sunday, July 02, 2006

A week leading to separation.

There are times when everything is done waiting for something to happen and the waited event cast its shadow on every action. I suppose it was like that in the moments leading to great offensives during the wars of the past and in my little own, it was like this for me.

The event was Susanne leading to the States, meaning I shall not see her even on cam for a month and quite likely not even hear from her either, the rest was details, or almost.

Yes, Italy won 3 - 0 against Ukraine for the World Championship's quarterfinals the evening Germany had won against Argentina after the penalty kicks (knows as "the lottery" here in Italy) and will now face one another on tuesday.

To be noted that I saw Germany's game at the Goethe institut again, only this time there were twice as many people than the time I was there with Susanne for the round of 16 and there was no air conditioning this time, meaning two and a half hours standing (I arrived late), with no oxygen and with humidity and human small to intolerable levels. No wonder I felt sick and with a mighty headache for the rest of the day.

Yes, France surprised everyone beating 1-0 Brazil and eliminating the world champions. Well, everyone except the ones who had actually saw Brazil's games and were not simply in awe at Brazil's name and colors. On the other hand England once more let down his fans and lost, again at penalty kicks, against Portugal, which became instantly the surprise of this Championship where only European teams are left competing.

Yes, I found myself a swimming pool where I plan to start going daily from next thursday for at least 20 times a month. I got news that Liesbeth is probably going to stay another couple of months in Rome and that maybe a friend of mine from Romania will come over at the end of July for a couple of days.

I've also bought myself more books (three of oriental writings by James Clavell made up of Tai Pan, Shogun and Gai-Jin) despite the fact I'm still in the initial stage of the one I'm reading about the Russian Revolution. I had a pizza out with my german class colleagues and one of my teachers and that was actually fun.

Yes, all of that, but the bottom line is that I've spent all the time I could over the last week at home videoconferencing with my girlfriend as much as I could, turning down invitations out, a concert and a second dinner, raising some concerns in my friends who have never seen me at home for a whole week in summer.

Anyway, next weeks will be interesting, in a way... let's hope in Italy next tuesday, Der Spiegel's people deserve a a bit of divine retribution. And I will try to keep as busy as I can, definitely.

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