Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Technical trials of immortality

It has been said that you have grown old the day you realize that you are not immortal and you are, sooner or later, going to die. If so, I'm pleased to announce that I'm still a kid at heart.

Yesterday evening, while on the city was falling one of the most intense thunderstorms I've ever seen, I, together with another 20 people, was happily playing volleyball on the top of a roof of a building placed on a top of a hill, possibly without a lightning rod, and with a metallic net all around (yes, the "sky court").

And it's not like we didn't realize that supposedly those are the best conditions ever to have a close encounter with a lightning (even if someone, quite wisely, was talking about a Faraday cage effect being in place due the metallic net all around us, but theory is one thing, practice...), as we indeed even joked about the chances of being incinerated and the joy of having lightning spikes.

I didn't play very well, truly, and the fact I had been swimming right before starting playing could have something to do with it. To that point, I must say that, at least, while at the beginning it took me over one hour and a half for swimming my customary 1,25 kms, now it takes me 45 minutes. The show of lightnings in the sky was amazing anyway, especially one that at some point seemed to cover the whole sky (and made me miss setting a ball completely).

Anyway, I'm trying to keep busy. While most of my writing time is taken by the ongoing Middle east discussion over the VCN-discussions list (and, apparently and maybe not surprisingly, my post of a few days ago, sent over the list, created quite some commotion), on monday I went swimming, tuesday swimming and volleyball, today swimming and possibly going to see a movie with some VCNers. What will tomorrow bring?

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