Friday, July 14, 2006

A VCN Week-end and various stances

And so, it begun. The week-end, I mean, and the VCN week-end at that, being that, if everything goes as planned, for the next coming days it will be all related to this online group, or almost. After having survived yesterday's VCN volley ball meeting (my arms are turning blue as the bruises produced by three and a half hours of spikes have produced!) , today it is the turn of the bi-weekly VCN happy hour, held in a new location somewhere near the Colosseo, and tomorrow will be the first VCN barbecue on the beach. Sounds as a promising and busy week-end, closed, maybe, with basket on sunday.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow, or rather tonight at 11, but for reasons I shall not explain we conventionally decided it's tomorrow, it will be one year since I first saw Susanne and she's currently 10.000 kms away so celebrating is out of question for at least another three weeks.

Anyway, while I prepare for the week-end, I shall name a few point of views I currently hold on various issues:

a) International politics: Israel is not only justified, but is actually right, in doing what it's doing these days in the Gaza strip and in Lebanon. On this one I will return tomorrow or when I have a moment to elaborate.

b) Domestic politics: the day a report says that drugs' use, included heavy drugs, is up 100% in Italy over the last 5 years, our new leftish government says that the solution is making the use of drugs legal and informing the population at the same time of the risks related to the use of drugs. Brilliant.

c) Sports: French people should learn to lose and trudge on, rather than keep whining for a week or more. We so scorned italians took it as men when we lost at penalties with Brazil in 1994.

d) related to the one above, Materazzi should, and probably will, be disqualified for a couple of international games and Zidane should not be allowed to play again ever after the show they have put on for everyone in the world to see, but considering the latter has already played his last game, at least for him it's a moot point.

That said, have a good week-end everyone!

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