Thursday, July 06, 2006

Idiots' moms are always pregnant

That's a typical italian saying, that shows the never vanishing faith of the italians on the human intelligence. But after all, Murphy's law applied to intelligence says it all "The Intelligence in the world is a constant, population is growing".

Update about what happened in Campo dei Fiori and around the city on tuesday night. After a whole day of the media saying absolutely nothing about the incidents, with the notable exception of the "Gazzetta dello Sport" (online version) which was so daring to go like "In tanto tripudio, non è mancata qualche intemperanza" (In so much rejoicing, there has been some minor trouble), yesterday night finally something came throught in TV.

Turned out that an italian troupe was indeed in Campo dei Fiori tuesday night and got the beginning of the "minor troubles" on tape (before the cameraman ran for cover as well). It also turned out that during the night 25 public buses were damaged or destroyed. Why the italian tv, usually so avid of sensational or anyway live footage, has waited untill 1 am of teh day after to show what happened at Campo is anyone's guess, I have my own. Nothing was said about the woundeds tho, and I know there were as I see a couple with my own eyes, one actually unconscious and bloody after a bottle caught him right in the face.

Now, just to show that this situation of urban guerrilla is nothing new (even if I had never seen it escalate to the point of volleys of glass bottle being thrown indisciminately in the peaceful crowd), look here (or, google translated, here) or here (or, google translated, here).

Now, if guerrilla is an every night issue and devastating damages are donw when there are celebrations for a victory, what is going to happen on sunday, however the game will end?

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