Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bad dreams

Tonight I had less than 3 hours sleep. Bad dreams. It's strange, I almost never remember my dreams and now it's the second time in little more than a week than I vividly remember my nightmares. Always the same subject. I suppose my subconscious is fighting a struggle... which is actually not even so subconsciously fought, to be honest. Annoying.

On a nicer note, my firm's football team, of which I'm one of the two goalkeepers, yesterday won again. To be precise, I'm the wednesdays' goalkeeper and then we have the fridays' one as I have to make it to the airport those days... and we even have a third goalkeeper, which is unheard of as, per tradition, Italy is a place where everyone want to be the scorer cheered by the crowd (which we do not have at all, but that's not important).

In the previous two tournaments we had collected, all in all, one win, one tie and a number of defeats so big that we stopped counting at some point. This year we have three wins, one defeat (and I wasn't playing that one) and the second place. The difference? The CEO (yes, in Italy CEOs deal with the firm's football teams...), after having conceded some funds for the team's uniforms and bags, ordered the recruitment of elements from our peripheral offices. We ended up taking 3 from Latina, 60 kms south of Rome. Which is nothing, he was ready to pay for transfer and all to people from our plants in northern Italy, 300-400 kms away...


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