Monday, November 27, 2006

A snake bites his tail and a heavy monday

As it happens lately, the week-end was bittersweet. I arrived at Frankfurt on time, but as I got out of the terminal I was surprised by the mass of people waiting for the bus. I joined the first queue, I arrived to the bus' door and as only two people were standing in front of me, the driver announced that there were no places left. My belief in the story that germans are second only to english people in keeping a row had already been shaken over the last year, but crumbled totally as I found myself from third to one in the middle of the new queue. I mad ethe queue againa nd again, as only 3 people wer standing in front of me, the bus turned out to be full. The third bus was the good one, but the point is, I ended up staying 45 minutes in the freezing cold before I managed to jump on a bus.

Then I arrived in Mainz, after having duly warned Susanne I was arriving, getting no reply, and found myself alone at the bus station. I waited. And waited. As my waiting reached 15 minutes and I had till got no news I dropped her a message saying I was walking home and so I did. Eventually, I got a message, to which I probably didn't reply too nicely, and we met somewhere midway, but I was fuming and she was upset and so we walked home in a silence that reminded me awfully of something happened the fist time we had been in Mainz and that was broken only a hour or more later.

To be noted, my friends who read my blog and who know me better than the casual reader, that on sunday I finally discovered she had been at a club with the colombian guy she's seeing (on friendly terms, on her part, and ofthat I'm sure) and who had teh guts of acting jealous when she disengaged from him to come at the bus station. Now, what would you think of that, if you were me? And if you really know me, as a few of you do...

Anyway, the rest of the week-end was very nice, even if the plans we had to go to a party out of town were frustrated by the lack of available transports and the ones of going downtown by the furious rain that started falling on saturday evening. I cooked again, something asian this time (rise with pistachios and vegetables with curry and frittellas), which came out tasty, but not perfect. We talked, an talked, and watched a movie (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) which we liked in its weirdness and brought us some more discussions where we agreed that we'd rather keep our bad memories than erase them, because even if they are about bad experiences, they contributed to make us what we are. And also, something I absolutely adore, we did read laying together, which I consider one of the most nicely intimate things ever.

On sunday, the day proceeded quietly until we had to go out as Susanne was going at her first party meeting in a while. I know that was important for her, she's a politics animal who has been away from that for too long, so I didn't complain a bit, even if that means missing two full hours with her. We did walk a bit together, which gave me the chance to see the preparations being made in Mainz for Christmas, and eventually I left her at the party's building, avoiding to get inside (a political discussion of a political side to which I do not belong and in a language I do not understand didn't appeal to me at all) and moved to the bus station where the week-end ended as it had started, alone near the bus. A bus that had most obese driver of the world, I think, who was panting just for the effort of stepping down the bus to open the luggage doors and step back up. I wondered for a moment if he could had had a heart attack on the way and the answer I got was "yes, it's actually probable".

Today, the atmosphere at the office was heavy. Actually, heavy is an understatement. After that friday I warned my boss about my official request of being transferred, the news arrived at my superior who, despite having repeatedly invited me to leave in a as courteous way as a "You have to get the fuck out of here", funnily took it personal that I didn't talk with him about my moves. How rational is that? Anyway, if my transfer eventually doesn't work out I'm going o be in a very, very, bad situation.

In the meanwhile, I finished Follet's "Hammer of Eden" and, being the serial reader that I am, I started (and almost finished by now) another Follet's book: "The Key to Rebecca".

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