Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Grey days

To break the monotone routine of my days (wake up, go to work, go to the pool, watch a bit of tv, sleep if I manage, wake up, go to work...), today I didn't actually go to work. In fact, I was selected to go to a kind of fair where various firms were to show us how incredibly better they can make the life of my firm under various aspects (travels, various services, IT implementations and so on). Interesting, in a way, with loads of gadgets and a number of quite interesting hostess, curiously enough led by an old friend of mine I hadn't seen in a number of years.

The point is, I'm troubled. I'm troubled because Susanne's net is out of order since a week and I'm even more troubled because alternative communications are... well, less frequent than one might wish for. Now, in my now 12 years of experience in Long Distance Relationship (I'm probably a record man, possibly under the masochist category) if there is something I've learnt is that for that to work, one has to prove his feelings to the other daily, even just with little gestures or a word, but in any case one as to make sure that the other is relaxed and comfortable. Providing an emotional pillow, if you wish.

The problems come when a different background, for whatever reason, makes the two having a different perception of how thick the pillow must be. It's not a matter of one being evil or the other insecure, is a matter of simple different perception of reality, I suppose. The problem is that this leads to one of those situation where, no one being guilty (guilt assumes the purpose in doing something, blame my lawyerish side), tension just adds up, and tension isn't good. At all. Especially at a distance, where many release options are not viable.

Anyway, something is cooking for this saturday, or rather, I've an idea of something I might cook in my second experiment, hoping not to poison anyone, nor to burn down the house, nor to cut off someone's limb, all possible outcomes with me in the kitchen.

In the meanwhile, I received a mail where the city claims I owe her more than 300 euro in fines, which surely doesn't improve my mood at all. That, added with the fact I still can't sleep properly since more than a week now, and the constant pain of my shoulders... well, you do the math.

But at least there are two positive things. One, Liesbeth sort of invited me to go and see Shakespeare's Julius Cesar, in english, at a theatre near Campo dei Fiori, and I accepted. The second, today I had a (brief) online chat with someone who I have been reading (blog) for a while and who actually provided the recipe for my first experiment. An interesting talk, I must say, with an interesting person.

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