Friday, November 24, 2006

So much to write, so little time

Indeed, as in half a hour I must be out to go to the airport once again, but anyway, I'll try, in flashes.

Yesterday was intense. Work as usual, swimming pool as usual, an half agreement to see Liesbeth and her friend coming over from Belgium (I was really curious to meet her, after Liesbeth told me so much about that), then a sudden call from Alessandro telling me that a common friend from Spain, Carlos, was in town and they were going out to dinner.

Now, being that Carlos is the very reason I met Susanne (they were attending a language course together and I actually met her at aftermath of the course's farewell dinner), I couldn't miss that and, besides, although we have never really been friend, Carlos is a very nice guy all around. So there I was, after dinner, jumping on the scooter and crossing the whole city to at least have a glass of wine together.

Around the table, besides Alessandro and Carlos, Francesco (another highschool mate, companion of a thousand adventures), Ippolito (Ale's brother), Ippo's argentinian girlfriend Nuria and Mercedes, her argentinian friend visiting over from Oviedo. Now, the restaurant itself is a place that Ale and Francesco love since highschool times for some unknown reason and that I openly despise as food is just average and service is terrible. This time was no difference, only worse, so much that even Alessandro at some point, thinking of having overheard an insult cast our way by the waiter after a change in the order we had done, turned purple and was just about to stand up and massacre the old fellow. Why we keep going there is and will always be a mystery to me.

Anyway, at least, we got a chance to try Alessandro's olive oil, right from the mill, as Ippolito had just made it back from their farm. The best olive oil I ever tried, I must say, extra virgin and ground only hours earlier. After dinner, a quick walk to a close by patisserie where we got a lemon pie that we consumed, together with a good cognac, at Francesco's place, between chatting and laughing. Eventually, after having crossed again the whole city in the freezing cold, I made it to bed at 2 am.

So it was that this morning I had a hard time to wake up. Made it to work and then spent the whole day trying to have a talk with my boss to communicate him that I had formally applied for being transferred. Eventually, I made it in the afternoon and I must say that he didn't pull his hair in despair. Actually, he didn't even pretend to be sorry or asked why I was doing it. better, probably, it would had been too hypocritical, I suppose.

Out of the office, a run downtown to have a drink with Liesbeth, her friend (Valerie, nice girl), Carlos (for whom I got a book called "Criminal Rome", about the most famous crimes committed in the city... Carlos is a policeman) and supposedly the other people of the evening before but, as things go, they probably showed up after i had to leave, one hour ago. Another run home, prepared my beg, writing this and then.. airport and then Mainz.

And so, off I am. Have a good weekend everyone!

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