Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.

I'm trying to make this week a bit less of a routine than the previous have been and today I'm going to the theatre with Liesbeth to see Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar". In english. Last time I saw something by the bard in original language was Brannagh's "Much ado about nothing" and I had quite some problem, let's hope it will be better this time.

For the rest, is 24 hours I'm trying to patch up things in a way that Susanne and me could meet for new year's eve, but it doesn't sound promising. A ticket I had got turned out to be unusable while other combinations are either undoable due conflicting schedules or already exorbitantly expensive.

on another matter, I'm trying to organize two VCN events: a mini five-a-side tournament and an ethnic dinner, this time on the far east cuisine. The first project has a bit stalled, but the second is gaining momentum with 8 people already confirming their attendance. Should be fun, probably a Thai restaurant.

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