Monday, November 13, 2006


Another week-end is over. It has been a mixed one really, but I'm in a pretty bad mood. It started with the huge fiasco, at least for my standards, of the disco night on friday, it continued with a nice saturday that saw me at a lunch with the Nova Romans (picture), absorbing the abundant wine for the whole afternoon, at dinner out with family in the evening (which had not happened since a long, long while in Rome) and then at the cinema with Liesbeth to see "The departed" (*great* movie). Sunday... nothing at all. Rain, tiredness, wasted time. And all along, the impossibility of being really in touch with Susanne, her net connection being gone since thursday.

Ok, that's probably the last thing that puts me in a bad mood. That and the fact that it's a week I do not sleep well, if at all, and that's weighting on me, also because that prevents my shoulders from recovering from swimming efforts. And despite the daily swimming hour, I'm gaining weight, which is not only strange, it's an outrage. I'm starting following my father's diet as of today. Bah.

Ok, not even my style is good today (if I can claim of having a style, that is), I suppose one has to be in a relaxed mood to write, or in a totally upset one (or one wouldn't understand how Baudelaire would ever manage to write). I've finished "The Rift" and started and finished almost overnight another Clavell's book, "King Rat" (being unable to sleep has at least a good side, I do have time to read). My football team is at the second place as the first half of the tournament is over and we have been reported in the internal news at work (yes, we do have an internal videonews edition, every monday). I'm trying to organize a VCN five-a-side tournament with 3 or 4 teams. It's just monday and I'm already thinking of friday.

Ok, too many things at random, I better stop here. Bah!


Eugene said...

Glad to hear that you liked "the Departed". However, as good as it may be, it's not as good as the movie that it's based on, a Hong Kong crime drama called "Infernal Affairs". I highly suggest that you watch it sometime when you get a chance!

Michelinastreghina said...

Let's pamper yourself a bit.
Relax, take your time and then eat something good. Sushi, why not?