Wednesday, November 08, 2006

VCN Ethnic Dinners go to Eritrea

And while some of my friends are having their fun commenting the previous entry of my blog (isn't it what friends are for?), yesterday I had the ethnical dinner I was organizing since last week with a few VCNers.

The evening went quite well, with eventually 16 people (more than expected and more than I had booked for actually, but that was promptly solved by the pretty nice owner of the place) representing almost every continent.

We had:

Sweden (3), Italy (3), Croatia, Germany, UK and (briefly) Turkey, for Europe
Libya and Zambia for Africa
USA (3) for North America
Ecuador for South America
Turkey (but in a way, we could say that Korea was represented by proxy...) for Asia
No Aussies or Kiwis, unfortunately.

Food was in massive quantity (only the vegetarian table, I think, really finished its plate) and of good quality (and spicy, at least half of it), the Sambussas were great and we even broke the VCN famous "Law of Curt on social metaphysics" (10 honest people + Group Check = 30 Euros short), as the final bill per person, included wine and appetizers, was slightly more than half that (and actually less than that for the poor souls who didn't drink wine...). I think we even managed to arrange the returns home so that no girl was on her own, too, which is a good thing considering the stripe of sexual assault we had in the city a couple of weeks ago. Personally, I found myself driving someone on the other side of the city from where I'm living and ending up in bed at 1 am.

I think, a pleasant evening, I should had taken a camera with me, a restaurant to recommend (and thanks to all the ones who with their suggestion eventually had us going there) and for the next ethnical time... something asian, pheraps? We'll see, but it's a pity that japanese restaurants are so damn expensive or I wouldn't have any doubt at all. I have to think about something to do for the week-end. On saturday I've lunch with the Nova Romans, but I'm thinking about going to disco on friday, if I can put some people together, as there is the un-official VCN disco evening, aka Aziz's party, the first after the summer.

In the meanwhile, something is moving at work and I might be transferred at the Institutional Relations office within next week. Let's hope...

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Eugene said...

One ironic thing about expensive Japanese food is that while prices in general are pretty high in Japan, food isn't really all that expensive. For example, while here a bowl of udon noodle soup costs something like $7.50, in Japan, I can get a larger (and tastier) bowl of udon noodle soup for approximately 400 yen, which is roughly half the price.

Anyhow, hope that if you get transferred, it's a good thing.