Thursday, October 05, 2006


And so, right at the moment I write this (9.15 am) I officially walk in my fourth decade. Yes, because when you turn 30 you actually are closing your third decade, just as much as the year 2000 closed the second millennium, didn't start the third, which is the reason why the millenarists out there should had been scared of 2000/s last day, not 1999's one. Speaking of numerology, I've to say, I like the date of my birth, there's something magical in it: 5/10/75. Think about it: it's 5*1/5*2/5*3*5.

Anyway, 31. So far, I've received wishes from Germany, Russia (2), Belgium (even if living in Rome), Romania, Croatia and, obviously, Italy (already too many to count). It's strange, yesterday I had the classic "day before the birthday" blues, which I didn't have last year... well, of course last year I had Susanne here, which sort of kept my thoughts on the happy side.

And it is time of balances, or is that the last of the year? Or maybe it's like firms, which present them quarterly? But I really don't feel like it today. Truth to be say, birthdays in my family are not such big events and it's a thursday too. I caressed the idea of taking a day off from work, but then decided I had much more useful ways to use my scarce and precious off-time. I then had a half plan of going out this evening, but I'm having second thoughts about it as well in favor of looking for a swimming pool. Yesterday I found out two of them whose addresses are more or less on the way back to my house from the office and I think I'm going to check them out.


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A Hungarian bday-wish too...


Eugene said...

Gah, forgive me for my belated birthday wishes.

Shenzhi kuaile!