Wednesday, October 25, 2006

"The world must be peopled"

Apparently, people I know are taking that Shakespeare's line (Much ado about nothing, act 2, scene 3) very literally. Just weeks after I got to know of Jelena's (my serbian friend) baby, yesterday night I got a message from Irina, an ex of mine, announcing she also had entered motherhood. I was actually even announced a picture that never came, which isn't surprising given that, for unknown reason, already her marriage pics, husband's name and anything related to that are taboo for me... but that pretty much fits with her character.

Now, besides the smile the news brought over my lips for unspeakable reasons, the whole thing sure made me wonder again (as Jelena's news had already, after all) about the fact that apparently the whole world is moving on except my closest, italian, male friends and me, who are, in many ways, living a much teenage-like life, at home and stuff. Yes, italian economical situation, with salaries which in big city just don't allow you to live by yourself managing to make ends meet, more or less forces us in the position we are. Yes, italian general attitude about staying home until getting married doesn't push us to move on either. But the two things things mixing together are sort of catastrophic, giving us also a psychological excuse to, often, not even trying as we are sort of justified in what we do or don't.

I wonder who's going to be next. Elisabetta, perhaps, married since a couple of years now. Or maybe I will just getting another mail where, as a by the way, I will get to know of another marriage and another baby in another country which will bring back old memories and new self questioning.

I'm definitely in a mixed mood today.

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