Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The last days

The weekend was a very busy one. The fact is that, considering I will be in Germany for 7 of the next 9 week-ends, I tried to concentrate everything over the last 4 days. And in fact:

Saturday morning I had lunch out with most of the Nova Romans of the roman community. It was nice and for a chance, there were new faces (wives and children of a couple of members), food was good and wine even too abundant. So much that most of us went walking in that little and scarcely known gem that is the a-catholic graveyard afterwards (from which, incidentally, one can enjoy a very different view of the Cestius' Piramid).

Just the time to get back home and rest a moment, and was time to leave again for the bi-weekly VCN happy hour, held in testaccio this time. Weather is being so good these days in Rome that we spent the night sitting at the outdoor tables chatting, drinking and making new acquaintances (most notably, this time, Karina and Sofia, respectively Sweden and Honduras). Also birthdays were celebrated as, we found out, between the 5th and the 7th october, three people had they birthdays (ok, one was me obviously) and a cake was presented. All in all it was a very good time, made even better by the fact Liesbeth was there (for a change) and even Alessandro and my former highschool's mates made a brief appearance.

As the group split (some to go dancing, some home), it was already quite late and it was only at around 3 that I got back home. At that point, with Japan's F1 GP starting at 7, I decided not to go to bed at all in what turned out to be a very poor decision, given the final outcome. As a consequence, sunday I was, for most of the day, totally dazed.

Monday the week started again and the only positive news was that I started to go back to swimming in what seems to be a very nice, and not too crowded, pool. For the rest, more bad news at work in what is becoming a torture. The end line is, i want to change sector in my firm and possibly change firm altogether as it has been a long time since I learned something new here, it is pretty evident they simply do not want me to learn anything more (first, I thought they just didn't care, now I know it's done on purpose) and I'm starting (or maybe I've started a long time and just realizing now) to forget what I knew. Very dangerous.

Anyway, today I'll be heading again to the pool (despite my shoulders are crying not to) to forget, tomorrow never knows and on thursday I will have guests from Hungary. And friday... finally... Mainz.

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Hepzibah said...

I enjoyed reading your blog - God bless you as you travel to Germany.