Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Mainz - The past week-end and the new week

Passing from Berlin to Mainz has the gravitational centre in Germany has been definitely an experience and I am unable, despite her attempts at explaining, to fully imagine how it must have been for Susanne. Anyway, the week-end has been as intense and pleasant as exhausting.

Having been out until late on thursday didn't help either. Despite giving up swimming for the day on friday, I was definitely tired by the time I reached Ciampino for my flight at 10 pm, which turned out to be 30 minutes late. Considering that the last bus to leave Frankfurth Hahn directed to Mainz is at 0.30 am, some 30 minutes after the expected landing time of my plane, the delay brought an intense wave of nervousism that accompanied me all along the flight. And since things come in waves, as I sat in the plane thinking I would had to dash out of the cabin a second after the touch down (good thing I only have hand luggage with me), the two chairs next to me were occupied by one of the fattest individuals I've ever seen, which eventually meant I was one of the last persons leaving the plane. Note for next friday: despite hating it, sit on the corridor side next time.

Anyway, I managed to take the last coach at the airport and ,despite dozing off now and then, I noticed when we were entering the city and sent a sms to Susanne which turned out to be pointless given she was indeed already on her way. So it happened that I arrived at the main station of Mainz exactly as Susanne was dismounting from her bike. It was 1.40 am and about 40 minutes later, after a 3 kms walk in the night, we were home or, rather, in Susanne's home. It's actually incredible how quickly she managed to turn what had been a nice, but pretty anonymous, place just 2 weeks ago in a homely, cozy apartment with such a definite personal flavor.

Saturday was spent mostly home (I had to recover from the days before) and we ended up going out only for dinner, in this very typical restaurant just behind the cathedral, and then for a couple of drinks at the very nice place where we had dined at on our very first time in Mainz (and that had seen a pretty mighty discussion between the two of us too...). Another 4 kilometers march home, added to the intoxicating effects of a single mojito (I'm allergic to menthol, I know it, but it has never before been so strong on me when on the natural form of a few mint leaves), closed the day.

And it came sunday and the time to head back home. A kebab on the way, the coach at 5.30, the plane at 8, the discovery of having printed the wrong ticket (having 7 tickets with the same destination makes mistakes easy, after all) and the even more surprising discovery that it makes absolutely no difference for Ryanair, despite what they say, if your confirmation number is there or not, the landing in Rome, the drive home, sleep, work on monday, a new confrontation with my present superior because I insist on do things in the legal way over his 20 years old praxis, swimming pool, home, the usual longing feeling when seeing Susanne over the webcam rather than in front, or even better, next to me...

The new week, tho, may bring some news as I've been offered to move to a different office than the one I'm in right now. It's not the new job I'm seeking, but it could be a beginning or at least an interesting intermezzo. We'll see, I've a talk with the one who could be my new superior after lunch...

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