Thursday, October 19, 2006

When it rains, it pours

Yesterday has been probably the worst day of my professional life, and even the other fronts haven't brought many good surprises.

It happened that, for having refused to sign something that, if not blatantly illegal, was indeed way irregular, I had to sustain a good two hours of verbal abuse from my superior, which I simply ignored, closed by an open threat at my physical integrity. Now, not that a overweight 53 years old neanderthalish man would actually impress me with such a threat, yet it was definitely annoying, even because yelled at me from less than half a meter of distance and so strong that I could smell his breath (not a pleasant one, either). Yet, I am amazed of how much I can stand without even flinching and I wonder if that was actually the right strategy, considering that he got over and over annoyed as he noticed his verbal exploits (not even imaginative at that) were simply unable to make me even turn my eyes from my monitor.

On the other hand, the very same day, it turned out I have made a consistent mistake in a contract. I suppose it's unavoidable after three years, I'm only human, and the fact that other 4 people didn't notice it (despite it being as big as a mammoth) makes it slightly better, but still the mistake was mine and that's it, I shall have to find a way to correct it and bear the consequences.

In the meanwhile, I got to know I'm not going to see Susanne for new year's eve (yes, considering the situation, we usually have plans 3 months ahead in order to get cheap plane tickets). She's going to Denmark with her family, just like last year. While on one side I understand that and I can't but support the decision (after all, she doesn't see her family every day anymore, not even every week or month since she moved to Mainz), on the other hand that trashed my plans for fireworks in Prague or Budapest.

Eventually, yesterday I didn't have lunch (my stomach was too closed) and didn't have a real dinner either. I didn't go to see Alessandro as planned (he's suffering from a pretty severe back pain) because I had to get rid of the adrenaline, which I did swimming my usual legs in a third less of the usual time and getting out feeling as I hadn't done anything (power of adrenaline, indeed).

Anyway, today is a new day and some good news seem to be pouring in. Apparently the switch of office, which became even more necessary after yesterday, will become effective soon while it would maybe be possible for Susanne to be in Rome right before Christmas. I think I found a way to patch up the mistake I did and got approval for that as well. Now, if it only wouldn't be raining right now, it would be almost a decent day...

In the meanwhile, I restyled a bit the site and by that I noticed that it's a while I do not write an entry about books or politics. It's not that I have stopped reading or following the news, is just that... I don't know really. I'll get back to both the things.

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