Monday, October 30, 2006

The last days

I know, I haven't been writing in a while, but the fact is I had not the mood nor the inclination. One can actually go down writing having one of them and lacking the other, but missing both together makes it simply impossible. Yet, yesterday brought some clearings in the situation which was sort of clouding my horizon and the week has started in a definitely better way that it had closed.

So, the past days. Friday I skipped work, or rather I was working in a different way. Together with another 160 people, meaning almost everyone under 35 years of age working in my firm, I was sent to a convention in Frascati to "workshops of brainstorming over the future prospectives of the firm". I'm uttermostly skeptical about such meetings, but at least was an interesting and different way to spend time with my colleague and meet new ones, and lunch was great. I was also once again announced my internal transfer to a different office, but as usual I replied with a "When I'll see it, I'll believe in it".. sooner or later someone will nickname me Thomas. In the evening, the usual 1.5 km of swimming at the pool and then I turned down a couple of invitations for the evening in order to be able to speak with Susanne.

Saturday was, well, not a good day. Thoughts of the unpleasant kind kept going around my head for the whole evening and despite all my attempts and the various chances provided by events to distract myself in the morning (for instance, together with my family we did the first half of the yearly visit to the graveyards were my relatives are resting), those thoughts were still there. Just as we got back home I got a message from Liesbeth and two hours later we were in front of a cinema to see "The departed".

The wrong cinema tho, as it turned out the newspaper was wrong and the one shown there was not in english. A quick walk to a different cinema and a quick aperitivo later, we went and saw Woody Allen's "Scoop". A good movie indeed, I must say. Then we walked, we talked, I took her home and eventually we ended up talking of what was grieving us until past 11, when I finally took her to a pub where some friends were waiting for her and turned down an invitation to stay, preferring to head back home to see if Susanne was maybe around. She wasn't. Well, the rest of the evening, the night and even the next morning were of the awful kind, but then sunday improved somewhat (although the plan of going with Alessandro to an outlet, more like an excuse to see each other than anything else, fell thought due his disappearance) and was closed in a nice way and with a great dinner, which helped too... nothing like the combination of good roasted meat, good roasted potatoes and great red wine.

And so, the week has started under a better light (and a good natural light as well, it still feels like late spring rather than middle autumn, even if forecasts see a quick and huge drop of temperatures soon) and with some unexpected events in the form of an email from my ex, Christina, as a follow up of a birthday wishes sms exchange a couple of weeks ago. An email which I hadn't been expecting but of which I could guess most of the content and even part of the exact wording even before opening it. We'll see. As the sms of 3 weeks ago, I do not know if and how to reply and, in case, what to write. And as usual, I can't wait for friday to be here, anyway...

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Eugene said...

I haven't been writing regularly either, and a lot of it is due to the roller coaster ride that my life has been over the past few weeks. As for your comment about the JMSDF, I knew that they used a variant of the Imperial Naval Ensign, but didn't know that they used the same exact flag. Wikipedia said that the Imperial Naval Ensign was re-adopted by the JMSDF in 1954.

Anyhow, hope everything is good and all works out on your end.