Thursday, October 12, 2006

Winter is coming

Last night, for the first time since mid april, I placed a thick blanket over my bed. Ok, it's the 12th of October, and yet it's always a bit sad when you have the definitive evidence that the warm days are going away, not to mention that it was so hard to get out of the nice, welcoming warmth this morning.

Now, if I feel already somewhat cold in Rome, with averages temperatures between 12 (at night) and 25 (by day), I somehow shiver thinking of this week-end in Mainz, where temperatures are between 7 and 17. We'll see, I suppose, but it's a good thing I've already taken out from the wardrobe my heavy motorbike jacket.

On a totally unrelated matter, it's now two years I've this fancy of renewing my computer system and/or get myself a new laptop. My old desktop system is now entering his 6th year, while my old Compaq EA720 is still performing reasonably well for a computer of its age (it became my father's computer) but it is antiquate, to say the least.

Then, as always when I have to buy something economically relevant (except plane tickets), it started the price/quality/performance research which, in the computers' world, means waiting indefinitely as new products take the place of the ones you have decided to get as soon as they are reaching the price level you have set as the minimum for yourself. Now, considering that your product then simply disappears from the shelves overnight, one has to wonder: where do the left-overs end up to? Is there a secret deposit of good? And do you need to be initiated to some secret circle to know its location?

Anyway, while I abandoned the idea of upgrading my desktop system, I think I've decided which laptop to get: A6T-AP025H (and that, despite some horror stories regarding Asus technical support). Now, the piece of hardware appeared in the 1.300 € range months ago and is now entering the 1.000 €'s orbit. I di set myself to get it at 999 or lower. Will it once again disappear from the shelves when reached 1.010? Just about at Christmas' time?

Anyway, later today the plan sees swimming (yesterday reached 50 legs, while the plan is reaching 60 in 45 minutes every single day) and then dinner out with a hungarian friend, her parents, possibly a friend of hers and Liesbeth.

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Eugene said...

Get a Mac. . . you know you want one! ^_^