Saturday, October 07, 2006

Wishes, events and the curse on my scooter again

And so, my birthday did pass once again. Eventually, I got wishes from Croatia, Hungary, Netherlands, Belgium, Kazakhstan (but living in Scotland), Russia (2), Belgium (but living in Italy), Hungary (2), USA, Serbia, Romania and Germany (2). It's nice to know people who in some cases you haven't seen in quite a while still remember you, even if in one case the wishes opened up a bit of a problem for me. But anyway.

I haven't really celebrated the birthday, I must say. On one side, I was not in the mood (read on) while, on the another hand, it was a working day followed by another working day. So, the whole celebration amounted to a mini-sachertorte (with a single symbolic candle on it, we didn't want having to call the fire brigade...) and champagne with my family, which added itself to the one a colleague of mine surprisingly got me at lunch break (with unspeakable consequences on my readiness level at work in the afternoon).

Now, as I said a few posts earlier, there is undoubtedly a curse on my scooter. To prove even more the point, I celebrated my birthday leaving my office, reaching my scooter, finding the trunk forced open and my waterproof suit and gloves gone. Now, I do not know if 6 burglary cases on the same scooter, two of which within 6 days, are a record. I surely hope so in general, but in my particular case is demoralizing.

The only good news of the day is that I probably found myself a swimming pool relatively close to my house where going to swim at any time I want, but most notably right after getting out of my office. I must say, I still think swimming is boring, but I have to admit that I rarely felt so well in the last times as in the month I had taken to go every day swimming so...

Yesterday I went to the monthly Happy Hour of the American International Club of Rome and was favourably impressed. Much more business and professional minded than the VCN crowd 8almost everyone was dressed up for the occasion, good thing I went directly from work and consequently having my suit), a very nice host (Helen) and a very nice place (which I knew already, having had the last VCN HH before summer break right there). To be noted that the honorary president of the club is the american ambassador in Italy and not only in name it seems, as he is actively involved in the events organize by the club. An experience to repeat, if possible. After the happy hour, I visited Liesbeth's at her place and talked of this and that for hours. A nice evening, all in all.

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