Monday, October 23, 2006

Back from Mainz, again

Yes, last week-end I was again in Mainz, despite the grumbles of my (few) closest friends who actually might have a reason in saying I'm never around anymore. I shall be in Rome this week-end, anyway, and then not again for the next three.

It was a very nice week-end which included the search for the curtains for Susanne's house, a japanese dinner, a walk in the neighborhood "markt", meaning an impromptu market with various food stands (included one with a very interesting cherry-wine), walking around, seeing a movie... all those things that would be totally normal for a couple, after all, if only we weren't living a thousand kilometers away.

The highlight of the week-end was Susanne asking me if I'd be up to go with her family in Denmark for new year's eve. Now, that would not be a simple "vacation together", it would be sort of intruding in what has always been a family-only retire covering the whole Christmas's vacations. A sort of rite, in a way, or at least that has always been my impression when she told me about it. I'm not sure if that will actually happen (too many ifs to consider), but the simple question made my day.

For the rest, not much news. My inside-firm transfer should be a done thing only to be announced to my present boss, but I will believe in it only the moment I shall see the paper signed by the HR director.

I've a scheduled appointment tomorrow with a doctor to see and solve my nose problems (deviate septum and chronically swollen turbinates, with consequent disorders), even if that will probably mean a surgery sometimes in january (and that is definitely not a nice thought, considering the full anesthesia and the week or two of pain that will follow).

In the meanwhile, in Rome (and in Mainz as well) weather and temperature keep being the ones of a late spring/early summer rather than the ones of mid-fall...

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