Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Books IV - The Eagle Brood

Another one bites the dust...

Indeed, yesterday night I finished the "Singing Sword", making 543 pages in 3 days and a half. Luckily, I had only 50 pages left so I ended up closing my eyes right after midnight, for a time, and that's good as I definitely need sleep.

Anyway, with the exception of the usual sex-depicting scenes which, no offense to the author, sounds shallow and fit for third class romance novels, the book was good and, which makes a story usually a better one, with a somewhat unhappy end. Uther Pendragon and Merlin (rather, Picus Merlinus Britannicus) have been born, Excalibur has been forged and several of the charachters I've learned to love and respect in the last 10 days (can't believe I started to read the 2 books only last two Sunday ago, at the Schonefeld airport) have died, mostly in the last 10 action filled pages. Oh, and Camelot has been founded too :)

I suspect the other main characters, Publius Varrus and Luceia for instance, will disappear in the next few pages of the next book as they are already somewhat mature at the end of the Singing Sword, in their late 50s, in a time when already getting in your 40s was quite a feat, we'll see. I've brought the third book, "The Eagle Brood", with me in the office, even if I doubt I'll have time for it at lunch break.

I do also have a problem: I've found the first 4 books of the series in a somewhat nice paperback edition, but at the rhythm I'm going I shall need the other 4, or at least the first of those, within a couple of weeks and so far I've been unable to find them. Ummm...

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