Thursday, March 09, 2006

Books VI - The Saxon Shore

Oh, yesterday I finished the 650 pages of "The Eagle's brood" and I'm left with a strange feeling, as if the last couple of chapters had been hastly written to respect a deadline and were not properly thought out. In fact, the evil charachter dies, but we do not get to know how, why and who killed him. Also one of the main charachters dies quite uncerimoniusly and we don't get to see it, we are just told about it in a "by the way" style. One thing that can be said is: wow, is it possible that Merlin was so unlucky? I mean, there is not a single thing that goes in the way he wishes! And finally Arthur comes about.

Anyway, besides the way the book is closed, the rest was pretty good. So, on to the fourth installment of the story, "The Saxon Shore", which is notably smaller than the previous three books (less than 400 pages) and will probably be the end of this readings for a while, both because I'm having a hard time finding the next 4 books and also because I'm starting to feel like reading something totally different and probably more serious. Maybe some history book or maybe politics? We'll see.

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