Friday, March 31, 2006

Minimal Entry for a Minimal Day

Not much happened today it seems, except that work was not followed by gym and that might continue as such for a while for reasons that shall not be disclosed. Also, the plans for the evening, an international happy hour in Testaccio organized by the WFP, had to be forfeited as my host there, Liesbeth, changed her mind and decided not to go. Ah well, it's ok, I shall stay home and watch ROME with my father, it has been a while we sat together and that's something I'm missing, so, it's ok.

This week-end will be crowded in Rome, as the celebration for the first anniversary of Pope John Paul the II will take place and pilgrims are already flocking in from everywhere, but specially Poland. I'm thinking about going to Saint peter too, I don't know. I was in Vilnius when the Pope's funeral took place and saw the churches there full of candles lit around his pictures, which is probably against the canon (you aren't supposed to show such devotion to someone who has not been canonized), but incredibly moving.

Speaking of people coming to Rome, it seems that from the 4th april a delegation of ELSA Stockholm will be in town for a bilateral exchange and I was enlisted to give them an introductory tour of the city. It's a routine by now, as I've done it over and over and over in the last 7 years, but I still remember the stage-panic attack I got the first time I showed around the first 20 ELSA people explaining them, and in english at that, the history of the monasteries in Rome turned barracks by the Italian King in the middle of the Invader Italian Kingdom and the Pope, or of the 7 talking statues of Rome (Yes, statues talk in Rome, don't you know?) or... ok, all the rest.

Should be fun, if a bit tiresome. We'll see.

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