Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Books VII - The Fort at River's Bent

So, on my way to London I practically started and swallowed in a single gulp "The Saxon Shore", the 4th chapter of the Camulod's Chronicles books by Jack Whyte. The book was enjoyable, even if one can't but wonder how many times can Merlyn possibly fall ill, be wounded and generally bump and stumble on every possibility of incident along the way in a mere few hundreds pages.

But all in all, it was good, especially the political sub-plots. So, even if I said I wouldn't have probably continued the series right away, I bought "The Fort at River's Bent" (which in italian comes in a very poor, yet more costly, paperback edition of an awful orange color, see left) and I'm already one fourth through it. And if the author started the previous book with a vivid imagine of Camulod in ruin, this time goes further and the very first thing is King Arthur's death in Merlyn's arms... apparently he loves to have the reader remember at all times that, no matter what, it will end badly.

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