Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Books VIII - Beggars Banquet

In the meanwhile, I'm reading in parallel the book I bought mostly as a mean to spend the time of the travel back home, Beggars Banquet. Pretty good one too, and has the advantage of being a collection of very short tales, the longest so far maybe 30 pages long, so readable at any moment in the side time.

The very interesting thing is that the tales, mostly taking place in a border-line criminal environment in Edinburgh, usually end up in an unexpected twist and a surprise. Appraently, Ian Rankin is pretty famous in UK as a crime story writer, cretor of the charachter of inspector Rebus (ok, not an impressive show of imagination for a riddle-solving charachter, but anyway) who also made several appearances among the tales, but have to confess I had never heard of him before. A pleasant discovery.

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