Monday, March 06, 2006

Books V - The Eagle Brood

It's just another manic Monday

So here it starts a new week that looks so much as the old one, so much the sky is grey, the temperature is cold and the rain keeps coming down in huge drops every half a hour. To think in less than two weeks it's supposedly springtime.


While I was unable to give to the book much attention over the last week, over the last three days I managed to read almost 400 pages of "The Eagles' Brood" and I have to admit I do like the third installment of Whyte's Camulod's Chronicles. Even here, it has to be said that the author seem to have little love for his main charachters, or at least for their demise, but sure there is action, intrigue, surprises, romance (not so much so far and that's probably a good thing, considering teh auhtor skill when it comes to very intimate, so to say, scenes), battles, joy, pain. I think it was a mistake to start the book speaking of the colony as a lost, destroyed place (it's not spoiler, really, as it's in the first 2 pages of the book). yes, we all know camelot is going to be destroyed, but yet the magic of a book is that we forget the end of the story while we read to get to it, and reminding us at the very beginning... is not good.

There was an interesting sentence around page 250, while one of the main charachters, describing the policy of a leader in North Britannia, Vortigen, who, unable to fight off the post-roman departure's invaders, eventually invited some of them to stay in his lands and fight alongside with him to defend them, says (more or less, I'm back-translating from my italian copy):

Vortigen is playing a suicidal game, Caius. He's not welcoming some foreigners in his lands. He's allowing the uncontested entry to a whole foreign race, to a foreign culture, to uncivilized and wild people instrinsicly hostile to his traditions and his way of life. Sooner or Later Vortigen will lose everything. It's unavoidable, don't you see it?

Now, letting aside the "uncivilized and wild" part, doesn't that remind you of something?

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