Friday, March 10, 2006

Random Thoughts

I haven't slept much at all last night, as I had too many things in my head to sort out. The consequence is that I feel groggy, nervous and, for what is about this blog, totally unispired. But I promised myself that I was going to strive to write at least an article a day except on week-ends and when I shall be away from a computer (which means travelling or at my seaside house, for how long I will have it) and I'm going to try to keep my own word, but not knowing exactly what to write about, I suppose I shall go with some random thoughts.

First of all, is it just me that, at times, keep going over and over a given issue when I am totally sure there is absolutely nothing I can do to make it better than it is, just because I do not like the idea of leaving it as it is? I suppose it is because my uncrollable faith that keeping probing and circling an issue, an unspotted solution will present to my eyes. But then I rationally know it's not always, is ever, like this. Sometimes issues are like solid balls of steel: it's not a matter of finding a hidden access to it, because there is simply no access at all. And yet I can't rest my mind, and the annoying thing is that I know my brain will keep going over and over the current issue (no, I shall not say what it is) for days, possibly for weeks, sometimes having it fading to the unconscious ever-crounching background just to take it back on a conscious level later on.

Then, why phone calls to some countries sometimes work, sometimes don't? One would assume that in the XXI century, in Europe, a mobile network would either work every time, or not work at all when specific troubles arises. In my case, it works at random, sometimes passing the calls, sometimes refusing them, sometimes going mute, sometimes refusing a call and accepting it 30 seconds later. So much about technology, computers and so on, if the simple truth is that one cannot be sure to be able to give a simple ring to someone.

Bah, lunch time. I can't wait for the working day to be over and join the ELSA people for the Fraschetta. I just got to know that among the people from Russia there is going to be Sergej, a cool guy I did sort of have as a guest over at New Years' Eve and that I might see again this summer in Saint Petersburg. Wonder what news, if ever, from the East... it's quite a while I do not get any word at all from there.

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