Friday, March 17, 2006

Being International and Being Away

Yesterday my blog was visited by 26 people, and that alone makes me wonder why so many people could be curious to know what I'm writing. The interesting thing is that among those 26 there were people connecting from Italy, United States, Russia, Hungary, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom and Sweden. Which is not so strange as the people who in the past day have connected from Indi and Malaysia. I'm becoming internationally famous, it seems...

Anyway, sad having to leave right when popularity is on the raise and stardom gates are starting to opening for me. Fact is, I shall probably out of Rome for the week-end and I shall be back only to catch a plane to London, where I shall be the whole next week, returning sunday night, the 26th. So... this is quite possibly the last post of mine for the next 10 days. Have a good 2 week-ends, all of you!

(And yes all those talks about being famous and stardom were self-irony, you can't tell...).

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