Sunday, March 12, 2006

One, two, three, four times past

Yesterday was a strange day as the past kept making coming backs on all level, both personal and not. But first I have to say that the Fraschetta friday evening was good, with more than 100 people present, but left devastation behind. Stuffed in an overheated coach, after having been sitting for 3 hours in a place where they served us jug after jug of healty, strong red wine, the bumping and turning of the winding road taking us from the hills back to Rome left only a few unaffected, and a big deal more... well, you can imagine.

So, eventually, the whole yesterday was spent recovering (that fact that my brother, for unknown reasons, had the alarm clock set for 8.30 didn't help), even disattending the disco night that was planned for the night, but it turned out to be pretty good in the end.

The Personal Past - Chapter I

So it happened that while I was laying on the coach in the living room, Beatrix (on the right, with her dad) connected on one of the various Internet Messangers I use. Now, I suppose I should start by saying who Beatrix (or Bea, or Trixi) is and I shall say, she's quite a special person. She's Hungarian and she's pretty special to me, having been the very first important relationship of my life, and having managed to put up with me for a whole year and a half (and that's quite something by itself, as most of even my friends would more or less jokingly confirm), but even more, she's the only and single one of my exes (no, there's not so many of them) I still keep in touch with on a regular basis... well, if we do not consider an almost 2 years hiatus right after we did break up.

In a way, Bea is the one I turn to when I either need a suggestion about that unknown and unchartable dimension that is the "female nature" or when I just need to vent my frustration about my experiences confronting with that. She has an incredible insight and at the same time she knows me well enough, I think, not to judge me too harshly when I say or do something absolutely stupid. At the same time, I hope, I can have the same role, in an opposite way, for her, as I sure do care deeply for her.

So it was that yesterday we spent more than a hour talking about things bothering her. Actually, we didn't even talk, if for talking we mean the mutual exchange of informations and point of views, as the whole thing was more me giving my point of views on a given subject which basically confirmed the opinions she already had came up with by herself. But I suppose we all need to be listened to and to be confirmed in our already taken decisions, once in a while, right? I liked being there for her, and hope I could make her day a bit better by that.

Which reminds me, I want to go to Budapest again...

The Historical Past - Chapter I

In May 1968, in France, a whole process started that led to years of tensions, a whole cultural movement in most of the western world and, in several countries included Italy, to fierce political struggles, violent protests, urban guerrilla and terrorism tha did last for years, even a decade, and at least here were known as the "lead years".

In these days, things are happening again in Paris that led many commentors saying that it looked like we were back to those days. The BBC comment, for instance, was "The overnight violence has echoes of the labour and student unrest of 1968 in Paris."

Protesting against a goverment act aimed at bringing more "flexibility" to the labour market of the young ones (who in france suffer a 20% unemloyement rate against the 9% national average data), students occupied 42 of the 80 French universities and most notably the Sorbonne. Here, hundreds of students (but not only) broke windows and forced their entry in the main building of the campus on riday, bringing devastation, and held it untill they were forcefully housted by the police on saturday's dawn.

The Personal Past - Chapter II

Almost one year ago two very important (for me) things happened. The 14th of March my father had a triple bypass heart surgery, complicated by many things, and the day after his mom, my grandmother, died at the age of 84. i always gave it a symbolic meaning, as if my grandmother (who had been seriously ill for years) had died in order for my father to live.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, my grandmother's apartment was finally sold and yesterday it started the quite emotionally troubling job of sorting out things, what to throw away, what to keep, what to donate. Pictures lost for years showing relatives I have never seen and just heard talking about came out, memories of the past and of the family dinners at Christmas, objects which were part of my childhood and which had been forgotten for decades suddenly reappeared, books and music, jewels and that immense amount of objectively unimportant things that yet all mark our life and contribute to give an idea about who we are.

And while I was helping my father, understandably thoughtful and quiet, putting things in boxes, I've decided we have to celebrate the 14th of march in some way. I'll see what I can do, maybe dinner out?

The Historical Past - Chapter II

In a protest totally unrelated to the French one, but that again brought to the mind the every day violent clashes of the 60s and of the lead years, Milan's central area was devastated yesterday by a protest of the most extreme left groups, black blocs and the assorted people that goes here under the general etiquette of "no-global galaxy".

The nice guys destroyed traffic lights, signals, did burn garbage containers did, shattered shops's windows, assaulted a McDonald restourant (picture to the right) where a birthday party was taking place, terrorizing dozens of kids and some had to be taken to hospital.

Then they proceeded in setting ablaze a Nike shop (on the left left) with the risk of burning the whole building the shop was in, burn cars in the middle of the streets and took pleasure in all those activities for which they universally famous in Italy at least since Genoa's G8 meeting included, in the name of democracy, destroying an office of one of the conservative parties.

The thing cause an even greater impact because som of the leaders of these "movements" are currently candidates by the various communist parties in the center-left, Prodi-led, coalition, currently seen as the most likely to win Italy's next political elections, 3 weeks from now. Well, Italy saw centuries of barbaric invasions, I suppose we can have vandals and vilent criminals on our parliament's benches.

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