Friday, March 03, 2006

The oh so encouraging news from the Middle - East

So, the week is heading towards its end, and just to give us something to think over in our relaxing moments, the news come from all the hot spots in Middle East (and north Africa).


The talks in Moskow between Russian and Iran about the "peaceful" nuclear programme of Teheran have been substantially moot, as while Iran agreed to have uranium enrichment on Russian soil, it refused to stop doing it at home at the same time. Then Iran asked for a talk with EU authorities. In what appears as a mere taking time from the ayatollhas' regime in order to avoide being deferred to the UN Security Council by the next IAEA meeting the coming monday, it was obvious that nothing could had been achieved, and in fact that's precisely what happened.

So here we are, exactly where we were when Iran resumed Uranium enrichment, only with a islam-fascist nation, whose president keep repeating that Israel has to be wiped out from the maps, with 4 weeks worth more of enriched Uranium in its hands. Oh, joy.


In the meanwhile, given that Russia decided to have a come-back in style in the middle east political environment (and gaining only dimplomatic slaps from its guests, so far), they are hosting today the first official Hamas dimplomatic delegation. To be noted that while at the beginning they should had met directly Putin, the honor of the meeting fell down and down as the russian president eventually realized the risks of being the first head of state to officially meet a band of islamic terrorists (which supports the chechnya terrorist groups, too) , skipped the russian prime minister and eventually fell on the russian foreign minister.

Just to set the tone of the visit, anyway, the Hamas head of delegation, Khaled Meshaal, announced immediatly to the first journalists at the Airport of Moskow that they were not to recognize Israel. Ever. Then, showing a probably unintended great sense of humorism (or a huge hypocrisy, you decide), he accused Israel to have "practically refused the road map". Why is it funny? because Hamas refuses to recognize the Oslo Agreements, the premises on which the road map is based upon.


And finally, Lybia. 2 weeks ago, alledgedly on a protest related to the now world-wide famous danish cartoons over Mohammed, the italian consulate in Benghazi was stromed and torched. During the episode, the lybian police forces opened fire and 10 people (who, again, were assaulting a diplomatic base and threathening the life of the occupants) died.

Yesterday, Muammar Qaddafi released all the people jailed in connection to the episode, confirmed that the italian consul's life was one of the objective of the "protesters" and is still in danger, but said Italy should pay damages out of italian colonial period in Lybia, which did last for something like 30 years and was colonial at all, considering that the lybian territory was not considered a colony but Italy and the lybians born there, included Gheddafi for instance, were considered at all effect italian citizens.

Ah, so many good things to think about over the week-end...

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